Smart Building Solutions for People and Planet

Reduce energy costs

Optimize occupancy

Improve employee wellbeing

Acquire a 360° view of your building performance today.
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Corporate real estate is at the convergence point of two global crises.

39% of global greenhouse emissions are caused by real estate development and operations.
85% of the workforce is unengaged with their offices, demanding at‑home/in‑office work policies.
The status quo is unsustainable both for business and the environment — corporate and building stakeholders must take action now!

With EDGE Next, change is here.

Building performance data + actionable insights = smart building transformation

Reduce energy costs to their minimum.

Know where your offices and buildings are incurring unnecessary costs in terms of energy and other utilities consumption.

Optimize occupancy for Hybrid and Flex workstyles.

Leverage excess building space and equipment through data-driven management, especially during non-working hours.

Improve occupant and employee wellbeing.

Monitor workspace factors that directly contribute to employee comfort, happiness, and overall productivity.

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EDGE Next integrates quickly and seamlessly into any BMS and building — old or new.

Transformation to a healthy, sustainable, profitable — smart — building and workspace is as easy as…
Deploying a network of IoT-powered sensors throughout the building.
Extracting and sending performance data to the platform.
Visualizing insights on user dashboards, wall-mounted screens, and employee mobile apps.
Now, every stakeholder has a 360°-view of Building Performance while employees know how to better utilize resources day-to-day. A new relationship between buildings and people is born.

Start your building’s path to true Operational Efficiency today.



About EDGE Next

The EDGE Next Story

For over 25 years, our parent company, Edge, has been a leader in sustainable real estate development. Their portfolio and Net Zero initiative are dedicated to putting people and the planet first by building a carbonless world with cutting-edge technologies.

Here the EDGE Next Smart Building Solution was born.

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