About EDGE Next

EDGE Next is a subsidiary of Edge, a leader in sustainable and innovative corporate real estate development for over 25 years. Their portfolio includes BREEAM-award winning projects that are considered the greenest office buildings in the world.
The EDGE Next platform offers a seamless solution for making buildings smarter, healthier, and more sustainable. It uses multiple sensors and sources for gathering data to deliver valuable actionable insights.

This data is used to demonstrably increase companies’ Operational Efficiency in the areas of Energy, Occupancy, and Wellbeing while setting a building on its path to Net Zero carbon emissions.

With a minimal investment of time and resources, EDGE Next provides the ultimate tool for enabling all buildings, companies, and people to thrive.

Our Leadership Team

Mikko Valtonen


Mikko has served in senior positions, such as VP, CEO, and Founder, in several technology startups and scaleups in the Nordics, US and EU for over 20 years. For the past five years, he has managed EDGE Next’s commercial operations and business development activities. Mikko is laser-focused on driving customer engagement and satisfaction in the next steps of the company’s growth strategy and quest to transform corporate real estate into a sustainable industry through Smart Building Solutions.

Enrico Rosa


For 20+ years, Enrico has led software development, project, and program management teams for startups and R&D departments in both B2B and B2C international markets. His current focus is the optimization of the EDGE Next SaaS platform and reinforcing the solution’s data analytics with the goal of scaling the technology and taking the customer experience to the next level.

Priya Shankar

Director of Product

Priya has developed a diverse international experience in program and product management over the course of her 20+ year career. She has driven products from business strategy and concept to launch and analysis as well as managed enterprise scale initiatives, customer experience journeys, and digital transformation. Skilled at stakeholder management and fostering teamwork, Priya collaborates with distributed product and development teams to build digital solutions through design thinking and agile product development.