EDGE delivers EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin to Vattenfall

June 1, 2022
EDGE Suedkreuz has been successfully completed with the handover of approximatively 22,000 square meters of office space to Vattenfall.

Vattenfall will move into its new German headquarters with around 1,600 employees after the 2022 summer. EDGE Suedkreuz is the largest timber hybrid office building in Germany to date. Martin Rodeck, Executive Commercial Director Germany at EDGE mentioned:

With every EDGE building, we want to set new standards in terms of sustainability, not only for ourselves, but also for the entire construction industry. With EDGE Suedkreuz, we have once again proven to be pioneers in this sector. We are proud to see our ambition being rewarded. EDGE Suedkreuz shows what is possible today in terms of sustainability and health. We would like to thank all partners involved in this successful cooperation and welcome Vattenfall to their new headquarters, here in Berlin.

Christian Barthélémy, Vattenfall Germany CEO, added:

With the handover of the timber-hybrid building, we have reached an important milestone. Because this project underlines: we are pursuing our goals of decarbonisation and a fossil-free energy supply also in our own working environment. I would like to thank the project developer EDGE for their cooperation, as well as the architects, the city of Berlin and, above all, all the companies involved in the construction and their employees.

EDGE Suedkreuz: a benchmark for sustainability and wellbeing

EDGE Suedkreuz meets the highest standards, as reflected in the targeted DGNB Platinum and WELL Core Gold v2 certifications. In addition, an EDGE concept of smart room technology and control provides heat maps and analyses, for example on productivity and air quality as well as energy management of individual rooms or areas. The building has also seen the integration of MicroShade technology, an intelligent system that retains unwanted heat via a thick metal foil. This leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions from cooling. EDGE Suedkreuz is also the first German construction project to be included in the Madaster database with a 100% match. The goal of Madaster is to create a material passport for buildings or portfolios that allows users to measure and compare the environmental impact of materials and the sustainability performance of a project.

As the world returns to work post-pandemic, and the future of offices becomes an increasingly important topic, EDGE Suedkreuz stands as a model for what is possible. Designed to be future-proof in terms of both sustainability and office life, the project is set to become a hub for innovation, creativity and new ways of thinking.

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