EDGE Next finds significant energy savings in corporate client office

July 11, 2023
The EDGE Next team continues to transform office buildings into more sustainably performing spaces with their smart building solutions and platform. Recently, the team discovered major heating and cooling issues at the regional EMEA offices of one of their largest global clients.

Armed with EDGE Next’s performance data and actionable insights, the client was not only able to rectify the problems, but reduce heating and cooling consumption by 15% and 90% respectively.

The EDGE Next platform is specially designed to integrate into the BMS of any building, old or new. These client offices happened to be situated in a modern building, which goes to show that even the performance of the latest structures and systems can be greatly improved.

In this case, monitoring and analysis of the building’s energy consumption data through the EDGE Next platform and a team of subject matter experts, revealed faults in the HVAC system. These miscalibrations were causing unnecessary cooling, which in turn triggered the heating system to overcompensate, resulting in substantial and wasteful energy usage.

Once the cooling valves were recalibrated, a major drop in daily energy consumption was observed.

Within four months, the data showed an energy savings potential of 49,000 kWh (15%) for heating and 88,000 kWh (90%) for cooling.

This is an example of how corporate real estate stakeholders can practically begin to optimize building performance with minimal time and effort. After taking such initial steps, further data and actionable insights quickly reveal even larger savings potential – firmly setting a building on its path to true Operational Efficiency and sustainability.

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