Plan. Deploy. Measure.

Actionable insights for a smart building

Step 1

Rendering a digital twin of your building

With Microsoft Azure, EDGE Next first creates a virtual representation of the entire building in order to understand the structure, spaces and number of floors, rooms, etc.

Step 2

Connecting to an IoT network of sensors

Our platform connects to any building’s existing infrastructure and BMS.

When required, we help to install and connect a wide array of sensors throughout the premises to identify data sources and pick up messages. We can even work with your team to integrate one of our certified sensors.

Step 3

Extracting building performance data

Resulting data is sent to the backend of our platform with no additional upgrade, automations, capital adjustments, workflow changes or teams necessary.

Furthermore, unlike a BMS, the platform enables correlation between different data sources, visualizing building performance in a whole new way.

Step 4

Visualizing and displaying data for all

Once the Digital Twin and the platform compiles, deciphers, and analyzes the data, it is then visualized on the frontend through an intuitive, customer-facing dashboard.

Information on building and office performance can even be displayed on screens mounted on office walls and via employee apps in order to engage the entire operation.

This empowers each individual — from C-suite to portfolio management, facility operators, and even employees — to play their own role in Smart Building transformation.

Step 5

Revealing actionable insights

Relevant stakeholders can view energy by Source (district, electric) and Use (Heating, Cooling, Electricity) in terms of kilowatts and kilograms per square meter, energy consumption forecasts, and carbon footprint.

In addition, the dashboard shows how much energy is consumed where and when — by room and floor; times and days of the week; plug loads, lights and screens.

This is incredibly useful for seeing how your building is incurring significant costs even during times of no occupancy.

Step 6

Setting on a path to seamless Operational Efficiency and Net Zero

EDGE Next’s Smart Building experts continue to work with you and your facilities management team to exponentially optimize your building performance.

You can quickly reduce energy costs, manage occupancy issues, ensure the wellbeing of occupants, and begin your building’s journey to Net Zero carbon emissions.