All buildings perform. Very few perform well.

97% of office buildings around the globe do not operate sustainably.
Far from Operational Efficiency, office buildings:
Waste huge amounts of energy.
Underutilize workspaces and/or are not designed for optimal occupancy.
Include workspaces where employees do not feel comfortable, healthy or engaged.

Only 3% of commercial buildings can be considered sustainable.

We’ve got work to do.

We can establish a new relationship between buildings and people now.

We must make all buildings — old and new — more environmentally and employee-friendly now with a limited investment of time and money.

This will require leveraging the most innovative and accessible technology to quickly evolve the interaction between office buildings, workspaces, and their occupants so that they exchange data with each other for an overall optimized performance.

In short, we need Smart Buildings.

What makes a building smart?

Smart Buildings are data-driven.

They use multiple sensors and sources for gathering data to deliver valuable actionable insights and optimize building performance.

This data is used to demonstrably increase companies’ Operational Efficiency in the areas of Energy, Occupancy, and Wellbeing while setting a building on its path to Net Zero carbon emissions.


Smart Building Solution

For over 25 years, our parent company EDGE Technologies, a leader in sustainable real estate development whose portfolio and Net Zero initiative are dedicated to putting people and the planet first by building a zero carbon world, have understood the need and opportunity to deliver the right technologies to the right areas.

With the goal of making all buildings Smart with a limited investment in time and resources, EDGE Next was born.

By quickly and seamlessly integrating EDGE Next, stakeholders gain the visibility they need to significantly reduce energy costs, efficiently manage workspaces, and improve the wellbeing of employees.

EDGE Next is designed to help buildings achieve Operational Efficiency by targeting three main performance areas.


Understand where your offices and buildings are incurring unnecessary costs in terms of energy and other utility consumption.


  • 5-30% in energy savings
  • Accurate benchmarking and reporting on your CO2 reduction goals
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Understand how to significantly improve the ability to leverage excess building space and equipment while reducing costs, especially during non-working hours.


  • Reduce real estate costs per FTE by optimizing occupancy levels
  • Increase rental incomes and services from Flex Space
  • Open up spaces to employees for social causes, community engagement or for team activities
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Understand how factors such as air quality, cleanliness, and direct sunlight contribute to employee wellbeing and productivity.


  • Improved indoor conditions for increased productivity
  • FitWel and WELL healthy building certification
  • Clear data to guide any new renovations and installations
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